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What is important for search engine optimisation?

There are many opinions on how to increase your success with search engines and often no single recipe. There are many technical factors that you can take into account when creating your own website, as well as many mistakes that you can avoid in advance.

SEO vs. SEA what is the difference?

When talking about marketing, the terms SEO and SEA are often used.

But what exactly do these terms mean?

In short, SEO costs a lot of money (for the work you have to put into your site) and SEA costs a lot of money (for the ads you pay for).

And how can you successfully combine SEO and SEA?

What is the best CMS for SommerSEO?

The tool is not decisive at this point. But it is important that it is operated by someone who really knows how to use it.

We prefer to work with the content management system Joomla, as it offers the best SEO functions (and anyway most core features) by default.

Joomla is also taking part in the Google Summer of Code with a call for projects.

Should I hire an agency?

Even as an internet agency, we have a perhaps polarising opinion on this:

We think that there should first be a lot of steps and homework before you spend money on an agency.

In the second step - as soon as you have completed the summer SEO roadmap - you can let your SEO agency provide you with tips on the current search engine trends.

Where does the term SommerSEO come from?

History of this website

In summer 2022, a search engine contest was launched in which various companies, agencies and individuals could participate.

The aim of the SEO contest was to be ranked high on Google with the term SommerSEO.

Out of curiosity, we registered a week before the contest and created this domain. In the long term, we would like to keep this website as a platform to give interested people tips on search engine optimisation.