6. making contacts: getting to know foreign cultures and new people is worthwhile

You meet new people on holiday and your website for your summerSEO other websites: It fits! The magic word is "backlinks", which are a valuable asset for any website and make up the bulk of off-page optimisation.

Making contacts: getting to know foreign cultures and new people is worthwhile

You meet new people on holiday and your website for your summerSEO other websites: It fits! The magic word is "backlinks", which are a valuable asset for any website and make up the bulk of off-page optimisation.

This is why backlinks are so important for a website

Simplified, backlinks are, in a way, "recommendations" from other websites that they issue to your own website. Getting recommendations is great, of course - and not just for summerSEO. It is even better if such recommendations come from real authorities, for example large, renowned websites. If they recommend your website, Google's algorithm notices this and thinks to itself: "If such big websites, with a lot of trust and authority behind them, recommend this website, then it must be good! This in turn strengthens your summer SEO offpage optimisation.

Your checklist for backlinks and offpage optimisation:

- Do you have an overview of the backlinks you currently have?
- Do you know the difference between follow and no-follow backlinks?
- Are you already using all possible channels to acquire new backlinks?
- Do you know about the danger of bad backlink building?
- Are you already using backlinks to generate traffic as well as to strengthen your SEO?

The basics of backlinks

Before we get into the possibilities of acquiring new backlinks, we would like to discuss a few points that are not unimportant for your summer SEO journey.

There are follow and no-follow backlinks. The former are usually what you're looking for. They are more or less a "very clear" recommendation, NoFollow backlinks are more a means to an end to lead the user to the respective page. The difference between the two is no longer as serious as it was ten or more years ago, but it is still always positive if you generate as many follow links as possible - which does not mean, however, that you should do without NoFollow links. You can check which attribute the backlink carries in the code.

You should also be aware that "bad" backlink building poses a danger to your site. The days of spamming backlinks all over the internet as long as it only increased the number of backlinks you received are long gone. Google has successfully put a stop to this backlink spam by focusing primarily on the quality of the backlink nowadays.

What can be used to measure the quality of a backlink?

- Which URL/page does it come from? Does it have authority and trust?
- Where is the backlink placed on the link provider's page? If it only appears at the bottom of the footer, this is less good than above-the-fold.
- Is it a follow or no-follow link?
- How often is it clicked?
- What link text was used? (Ideally a relevant keyword for your page)

There are also negative backlinks that you would rather not have. These are, for example, those from dubious spam sites. They won't get you anywhere, they're more likely to cause damage. So you don't have to worry about them at all; on the contrary, it can make sense to have them removed.

How can you gain backlinks for your website?

At this point, you basically have three options:

- you create/set them yourself
- you buy them from the webmaster of the link-giving site
- you earn them through honest, sincere recommendations

Contacts are not all the same and even on holiday there are those acquaintances you like to see again or those that remain purely holiday acquaintances. The way you make the contacts (get the backlink) is also related to this


Creating backlinks yourself

With this method, you link your own website in a suitable place. For example, in forums or comments on blogs, in social networks or by submitting the site to free business directories. However, all of these links are typically either NoFollow or otherwise not very valuable. Forums and comments are sometimes considered spam by the respective webmasters and may be deleted directly. Business directories, on the other hand, only serve as large link farms, which is why such backlinks/recommendations have hardly any value. Supplementary and with a sense of proportion, setting backlinks yourself is an option, but this alone will not provide your website with a great backlink framework.

Buy backlinks

The second option is a big grey area. Buying links contradicts Google's guidelines; in the worst case, your website will be penalised and (secondarily) kicked out of the rankings. Moreover, such backlinks are extremely expensive. If you want to do this, you are definitely taking a risk and spending a lot of money. As long as it works, however, the effectiveness of good, purchased links is very high - it just has to work.

Earning backlinks

The best and most honest way to get valuable backlinks. The principle is simple: equip your website with real added value, with great texts, with expertise, strong products and everything else that pleases visitors and convinces them. Ideally, your website will become such an authority on the web that other webmasters will link to it automatically - for example, as a source of information. If you don't want to leave this to chance alone or need some help getting started, you could ask webmasters in a friendly way - but the success rate will be low, because other webmasters also know about the importance of backlinks.

Your summerSEO journey is almost, but not quite over at this point. In the last SummerSEO article, we take a look at how you can regularly put your website to the test - and reap the rewards of your work (or the good memories of the holiday).

The summerSEO journey is almost over, but not quite.

Do you still have questions about the Backlink-SommerSEO? We give answers!

What makes a backlink good?
Ideally, a backlink should come from a strong, trustworthy website that fits the theme of your own website and provides the link with a suitable keyword. The link is of course embedded in a text or above-the-fold.
How good are backlinks from competitors?
Extremely good, but really difficult to obtain. If a competitor recommends you with a backlink, the Google algorithm also notices this and rates it all the higher. But the competitor (unfortunately) has little interest in recommending his own competitor in this way.
Do backlinks generate traffic?
Ideally, yes. Not every backlink has to attract many visitors to your site, but it speaks for its value if it generates traffic. After all, it stands to reason that people will follow a recommendation if it is visible and sensibly placed.